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Dear SalesExecutive:


What heights could you reach if you mastered a great sales system that worked for you every single day? What I mean is, suppose you had a sales system that was powerfully effective not just for planning and executing formal sales calls on clients, but every day, in every customer-contact situation that might arise?如果您掌握了每天都对您起作用的优秀销售系统,您能达到什么样的高度?我的意思是,假设您的销售系统不仅对规划和执行正式的销售拜访有效,而且每天都会出现在可能出现的每一次客户联系情况中?Now imagine that this same system could boost the performance of every customer-contact person in your organization – salespeople, service people, technicians, everybody. What’s more, the system would be easy to learn and use.现在想象一下,这个系统可以提高组织中每个客户联系人的表现 - 销售人员,服务人员,技术人员,每个人。更重要的是,该系统易于学习和使用。

We are committed to your professional success.我们致力于您的事业成功。

Duane Sparks杜南•斯巴克斯

Author of Action Selling行动销售作者


A lot of sales-training programs teach tips and techniques that are hard to use effectively on a day-to-day basis. There are three basic reasons why.许多销售培训计划教授南京癫痫病治疗医院日常难以有效使用的技巧和方法。有三个基本原因。1.They lack a proactive approach. Instead they are reactive; they just teach various ways to respond to certain things that a customer might say or do.1、他们缺乏积极的态度。相反,他们是被动的; 他们只是教各种方式来回应客户可能会说或做的某些事情。2.The selling systems these programs teach are often quite complicated, and therefore difficult to remember, practice, and apply.2、这些销售系统教授的通常非常复杂,因此难以记忆,实践和应用。3.The training itself is designed and delivered without much thought given to an effective adult-learning process. The programs seem oblivious to most of what we know about how adults best learn new skills, and what causes these skills to be applied (or not) on the job.3、培训本身的设计和实施没有考虑到有效的成人学习过程。这些项目似乎忽略了我们对成年人如何最好地学习新技能的了解,以及这些技能在工作中应用(或不应用)的原因。For a sales system to be useful on an EVERYDAY basis, it would have to avoid those flaws. Let’s put it another way: To be truly effective in the real world, sales training—and the sales system it teaches—would have to be:为了使销售系统每天都有用,它必须避免这些缺陷。让我们换一种说法:要在现实世界中真正有效,销售培训——以及它所教授的销售系统 - 必须是:

1. Easy to learn. For instance, the training should concentrate on building a handful of critical skills, rather than trying to cover dozens of them.

1、易于学习。昆明哪个医院治癫痫病好例如,培训应该集中精力培养一些关键技能,而不是试图覆盖其中的几十个。2. Educationally sound. The training ought to be based on principles gleaned from many decades of adult-learning research.

2、教育方式合理。 培训应该基于几十年成人学习研究中收集的原则。3. Proactive. Instead of teaching tricks and techniques designed to outmaneuver customers by reacting to particular things that they might say or do, the system should be flexible enough to apply in any situation, with any customer in any emotional state—eager, angry, resistant, uncertain, whatever.

3、积极主动。 系统应该足够灵活,适用于任何情况,无论客户处于何种情绪状态 - 渴望,愤怒,抵抗,不确定,而不是教授旨在通过对他们可能会说或做的特定事物做出反应来战胜客户的方法和技巧。



Instead of taking a reactive approach, suppose that a proactive sales communications system provided a step-by-step guide to understanding and managing the customer’s decision-making process, using a proven model of buyer decision-making that applies to every customer. A great guidebook like that would enable you to walk arm-in-arm with the customer toward the best solutions to the customer’s needs.

假设主动销售沟通系统使用经过验证的适用于每个客户的购买决策模型,为理解和管理客户的决策过程提供了逐步指导癫痫病治疗期间怎么护理,而不是采取被动方法。像这样的伟大指南将使您能够与客户携手合作,为客户的需求提供最佳解决方案。A process flexible enough to be used every day by everyone who has customer contact would need to be as much a communication system as a sales system.一个足够灵活的过程,每个与客户联系的人每天都要使用,这个过程需要和销售系统一样。There actually is a real-world selling system that meets all of those criteria. Action Selling is easy to use every day, in all kinds of customer-contact situations. The Nine-Act structure of Action Selling applies to every formal “sales” situation, and every interaction that non-traditional salespeople have with customers.实际上有一个真实世界的销售系统符合所有这些标准。行动销售在每天各种客户联系情况下都很容易使用。行动销售的行动九步适用于每个正式的“销售”情况,以及非传统销售人员与客户的每次互动。In fact, we have a special version of the Action Selling system for “Customer Relationship Professionals.” These are employees who come into contact with your company’s customers—service reps, technicians, inside sales, marketing or anyone else.事实上,我们为“客户关系专业人士”提供了一个特殊版本的Action Selling系统。这些员工是与您公司的客户 - 服务代表,技术人员,内部销售人员,市场营销人员或其他任何人接触的员工。Why would a company deliver sales communications training to non-traditional salespeople? In the course of every single interaction with your company, a customer is becoming either more or less loyal to you. 成都哪里可以治疗癫痫Action Selling’s Customer Relationship Professional is as much a communication system as a sales system. But above all, it is a loyalty-building system. And it’s one you can put to work every single day with every single customer.为什么公司会向非传统销售人员提供销售沟通培训?在与贵公司的每次互动过程中,客户对您的忠诚度都要高于或低于您。行动销售的客户关系专业人士即是一个与销售系统一样的通信系统。但最重要的是,它是一个忠诚度建立系统。这是您每天与每个客户都在做的。

Action Selling in Action行动销售 实践案例

One customer relationship professional who has learned to value the daily usefulness of Action Selling is Justin Kurtz, an interactive print consultant at Grand Rapids, Minn.-based publishing company Mines and Pines.一位了解行动销售日常用途的客户关系专业人士Justin Kurtz,他是位于明尼苏达州Grand Rapids的出版公司Mines and Pines的互动印刷顾问。“I want to share with you just how wonderful Action Selling is,” Kurtz wrote us recently. “I live by the steps every day. I have been the top performer at every business I’ve worked at because of Action Selling. If only other people could realize how easy it is to use every day!“我想与您分享行动销售的精彩程度,”Kurtz最近写道。“我每天都生活在进步中。由于Action Selling,我一直是我工作过的每个企业的最佳表现者。是否有其他人能够意识到每天使用它是多么容易!


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